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Connecting with History

Connecting With History is a history-based unit study for Roman Catholic families and schools published by www.rchistory.com This site is designed to answer common questions about the Connecting with History program. If you have questions you'd like to see answered here, please let me know!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Great Adventure: A Journey through the Bible with Jeff Cavins

The Connecting With History syllabus has been structured to correspond to the time periods following the Old Testament salvation history included in the Great Adventure videos and timeline.

In the videos, Jeff Cavins presents an overview of the Bible following the main characters and events of the Old Testament chronologically to convey the Big Picture of salvation history. Mr. Cavins is a gifted teacher who makes the story of the Bible come alive for students of all ages. Included with the video package is a study guide which contains a blank timeline for the viewer to fill out with Mr. Cavins, including the major people and events of the Old Testament, coordinating books of the Bible, and the prevalent historical cultures which affected the Israelite?s history. The study guide also includes maps and charts which are referred to in the video program.

We highly recommend that you use the video and timeline in the introductory week of Connecting with History with students in grades 5-12. If your students are younger you will still want to view the program yourself in preparation for teaching your children. You may also wish to review each segment of the program during the school year as you study the individual periods of history.

What ages is the Great Adventure appropriate for? Click on the comments for more...


Blogger Sonya said...

The youngest child who's used it in our family was in 6th grade.
Generally we watch it in 7th or 8th grade and I sit in with them. I
do know of one customer whose very precocious son watched them and
was interested, but in general younger than that they just find it
deadly boring. There's absolutely nothing flashy about the videos,
it's just Jeff Cavins standing in front of a classroom full of
Steubenville college students with an over-sized timeline behind him
that he occasionally writes on.

The *content* is fascinating, but you have to be old enough to be
interested in the content. Jeff is a great speaker and has plenty
of personality and humor. The videos just aren't "entertaining"
enough for younger kids.

The one thing that you can do with kids younger than middle school
age is to fill out the timeline yourself and then explain it to the
kids. We do recommend referring to the timeline and explaining it
to them in your own way as you go through the CWH program so that it
becomes a reference point to tie together what they're learning
throughout the year.

Older children - 7th grade through high school - can watch the program and fill out the timeline themselves. This becomes a wonderful reference to refer to throughout the year as they study the Bible and ancient cultures. We suggest that after completing the timeline students add it to their History Notebook or you may wish to laminate it and put it on the wall for family reference.

11:44 AM  

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